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sallysparrow_dw's Journal

Sally Sparrow Appreciation
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General community devoted to Doctor Who's Sally Sparrow
This is a community for fans of the character of Sally Sparrow on Doctor Who, as portrayed by Carey Mulligan in the episode "Blink".

General rules and information:

1. All fic, long posts, and posts with large pictures should go behind an lj-cut.

2. All Sally Sparrow-related fiction is welcome. Gen, het, AU, crossovers, etc. Fanart is also welcome.

3. Please try to use proper grammar/spelling/punctuation/etc. It just makes your posts easier to read!

4. Please be kind to your fellow posters! Abusive posters and/or trolls will be banned without warning.

5. We encourage you to use a beta/editor to look over your fic beforehand.

6. Please use this general format when posting fic:
  • Title: (self-explanatory)
  • Author: (if it's not you, don't post it)
  • Pairing/Characters: (either the pairings or characters that are the focus of your piece)
  • Genre: (angst/fluff/tragedy/AU/etc.)
  • Rating: (for now, simply posting what age and above your fic is appropriate for should be sufficient)
  • Warnings: (indicate anything which might potentially offend readers, if applicable)
  • Teaser/synopsis: (a brief description or taste of the fic)
  • Disclaimer: (optional but suggested)

7. Please don't use this community to promote anything. If you feel that something you want to promote is especially relevant to the community, please ask a moderator to approve your request first. Otherwise, all such posts will be deleted without warning.

8. Appropriate topics include: fic, fic recs, fanart, pertinent news concerning the character of Sally Sparrow (crossing fingers for a spinoff!), and general discussion about the character. Use your best discretion to determine what is appropriate/relevant. Currently, posts may be submitted and posted without the approval of a moderator.
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